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At Royal we firmly believe it’s not just about the destination, it’s about the journey! It’s about who you become along the way, the people you meet, the connections you make and the experiences that you have that shape the kind of healthcare professional you become.

As we continue to grow, we remain focused on maintaining our culture of professional and personal development, supportive family vibes and first class employee experience. Join our team and be a part of this exciting growth opportunity while  surrounding yourself with other like minded individuals, who encourage and inspire one another along their path in EMS and Healthcare.


    Royal’s Core Values support Our Vision, shape Our Culture and reflect what we believe in. They guide our decision making process and define our experience. Our values provide us with the “Why”, helping us to grow and evolve – both professionally and personally.


    We set a goal, identify a plan to achieve it, stay focused and motivated throughout the process and reach our desired results, despite obstacles or challenges. We show initiative and commitment. We maintain a positive mindset and believe in ourselves and our abilities.


    We are in tune with the feelings and actions of others and use that understanding to guide our own actions, behaviors and decisions. We are compassionate, perceptive and mindful. We put ourselves in our patient’s shoes, and in each other’s shoes and go above and beyond to ensure we treat everyone with dignity and respect.


    Our actions show our commitment to the organization and its goals. We care about the quality of our work and about our fellow team members. We are enthusiastic and we want to be involved within Royal and with our communities.


    We are able to handle and adjust to change by being flexible in our process and mindset. We stay calm and do not fold under pressure when something changes or a problem occurs. We develop a solution and are able to come up with an alternative plan despite obstacles we are challenged with.



    You are taking an important step in your healthcare career. Whether you plan on becoming a Paramedic, Firefighter, Nurse, PA, or Physician, we will make sure that you are set up for success to reach that goal.


    Our Academy

    Our first-class New Hire Academy prepares you with our approach to excellent, personalized care, as well as situational, skill, and clinical training to make sure you make the best decisions for your patients.


    Field Training

    During Field Training, we take a personalized approach catered to your learning style, personality, and career aspirations and pair you with a Field Training Officer who we feel you will truly vibe with and will provide you with the best possible experience.



    During your time at Royal, the opportunities are endless. Your skills will sharpen. Your patient engagement will improve, and you will gain more critical care experience. We will invest in getting you to that next step in your career.



    We are invested in your growth and want to help you achieve your goals and dreams. Royal Ambulance is the company it is today because of driven leaders like you! Our Senior Leadership and Alumni are there to support you and your dreams every step of the way!

Field Training
  • It’s no secret that awesome workplaces have happier people!!

    Royal is honored to have received so many Best Places to Work Awards. We see this as a reflection of our Culture and our People!! And they come with some bragging rights too, not only for the organization but also for our Team Members.

    These awards can’t be bought, or simply applied for. Each award we have earned has been a result of an anonymous employee survey, asking for honest feedback, and covering every category that matters most to an employee.

    That’s what makes them so special. Your voice and your experience at Royal defines our brand, our reputation, and our culture!


    Royal Ambulance Awards:

    • Glassdoor – Top 50 “Best Places to Work” 2021
    • Modern Healthcare – “Best Places to Work” Best Places to Work in Modern Healthcare 2018
    • Inc. Magazine America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies 2011 & 2012
    • Meals on Wheels – Business Supporter of The Year Award 2018
    • San Francisco Business Times & The Silicon Valley Business Journal – Best Places to Work in Bay Area (2017, 2016, 2015, 2012)
    • National Association for Business Resources [NABR] San Francisco Bay Area’s 101 Best & Brightest Companies to Work For 2014
    • Silicon Valley Communications – Call Center Team of The Year Gold Award 2014
    • Alameda Board of Supervisors – Alameda County Commendation for Community Involvement and Support 2013
  • Employee Referral Program

    We trust our people, and value their referrals. In fact over half of our team members were referred to us by current or past employees. AND.. As we always say, “Once a part of the Royal Fam, Always a part of the Royal Fam”..which is why our Thank You Referral Bonus, is equally extended to our Royal Alumni.

    How it Works: When your friend applies, let them know to add you as their referral on their employment application, and they can also mention it during the interview. If we hire your referral, you will get $250, when they pass their first 90 days at Royal. It’s that simple!

    There is no cap on referrals, keep em coming! The more quality people you send our way, the more you get! We see this as a win/win for everyone!


    Jeremy Van Hecke, EMT 2020, Future RN

    “Strong sense of community, genuine passion and caring from other crew members, and treatment towards employees made me feel welcome immediately. I would highly recommend Royal to a friend.”

    Employee Referral Program

    We trust our people, and value their referrals. In fact over half of our team members were referred to us by current or past employees. AND.. As we always say, “Once a part of the Royal Fam, Always a part of the Royal Fam”..which is why our Thank You Referral Bonus, is equally extended to our Royal Alumni.

    How it Works: When your friend applies, let them know to add you as their referral on their employment application, and they can also mention it during the interview. If we hire your referral, you will get $250, when they pass their first 90 days at Royal. It’s that simple!

    There is no cap on referrals, keep em coming! The more quality people you send our way, the more you get! We see this as a win/win for everyone!


    Sam Higuera, EMT 2019 

    “I would strongly recommend Royal as a great place to work!!! I learned how the field works and really got my feet wet. Plus I had great coworkers and loved the positive vibes.”

  • Alumni Network

    It’s not just WHAT you know. It’s also about WHO you know!

    In fact, who you know might matter more–or at least, be just as important as what you know in getting professional opportunities.

    When you are ready to think about your next step, and would love to talk to someone who has already been in your shoes and successfully pursued a similar path, let us know and we will hook you up with one of our amazing Alumni.

    Whether you are applying to school, looking for best practices and tips, want a shadowing opportunity, need to expand your network, or need some guidance.. We have a dedicated and diverse group of Royal Alumni, who love to give back and would love to connect with you.

    We trust our people, and value their referrals. In fact over half of our team members were referred to us by current or past employees. AND.. As we always say, “Once a part of the Royal Fam, Always a part of the Royal Fam”..

  • Scholarship Program

    The cost of education keeps going up, and we want to make furthering your education easier and more attainable for you. Let us help you pursue your goals in healthcare and in EMS. Every Year Royal gives out 4- $2500 Scholarships to assist our EMTs with the cost of their education. Scroll to check out some of our past award recipients and what they have to say!


    Sophia Reuf

    “In my time at Royal, I have grown as both an individual and as a health care provider. I attribute this change to my commitment to the alignment of Royal’s values with my own. As I continue along my career path, I hope to build upon the strong foundation that Royal Ambulance has laid for me.”


    Clint Meek

    “Being a leader in healthcare means going above and beyond to address patient concerns on a human-to-human level. It’s about treating physical ailments with care and easing worried minds.”


    Kathryn Farinacci-Magee, FTO – Future Fire/Medic (Scholarship Winner 2020)

    “I have appreciated the experience I’ve had working at Royal- Most of our patients are people of color, who unfortunately have a list of numerous health problems at an age where you would predict a person wouldn’t have such a long list, or such serious health problems. These patients are what keeps me coming back to work everyday- to actually listen to them from a a place of non-judgement, make them feel heard, advocate for them, provide them the help that they actually need- even though it sometimes is small, but these small things can really make these patients day and they look forward to riding with Royal Ambulance. My ultimate goal really would be to change this aspect in health care in the long run- for the patients of color/under privileged patients to get better health care, to be able to afford to get care, for them to be living happy healthy lives. I know Royal will help me reach my goals. “


    Jesus Martinez, FTO – Future Paramedic  (Scholarship Winner 2020)

    “As a Field Training Officer for Royal Ambulance, I have the honor of guiding and mentoring new EMT’s into their growth as professionals in the medical field. The role of a Field Training Officer entails more than just showing new employees how and when to follow standard protocols. It is about working together to build on patient interactive reasoning, engaging in meaningful dialogue and guiding mentees to think critically about their future goals and aspirations. I reassure that I am here to help in any way I can and that they made a great choice with beginning their EMT journey at Royal Ambulance. Being a part of Royal Ambulance has shown me what a support system really looks like and has helped me build and improve my interpersonal and hands on medical skills. This organization has done so much for me in my journey as an EMT and believe that I could return the favor as a Field Training Officer to those individuals that are just beginning theirs. “


    Stephanie Sfeatcu – Future Physician Assistant  (Scholarship Winner 2020)

    “I have been fortunate enough to be apart of Royal and have grown tremendously and helped others grow both personally and professionally. It never came to me until I started to work at Royal what it really means to be a “leader.” This job taught me how to think quickly and critically no matter the situation. I am not an FTO at Royal but I have learned over the last few months what a leader is. This job helped me realize that you don’t have to be the loudest person in the room for others to follow you. You have to be someone who can help set examples for others. Investing in my colleagues personally to help them get out of their comfort zones not only helps build cohesion but it ultimately builds a better workforce for Royal. I have been fortunate enough to be apart of Royal and have grown tremendously and helped others grow both personally and professionally over the past few months.”


    Daniel Pekker – Future Physician  (Scholarship Winner 2020)

    “With the accomplishment of my EMT certification and my employment with Royal Ambulance, I have felt increasingly confident in my skills and enthusiasm for patient care, as well as a strong desire to grow into my potential as a clinical care provider. Within my work at Royal, I have been thrilled to learn more about how one patient interacts with a broad patient care team that works together to provide high-level patient care. I look forward to integrating myself into the healthcare system with increasing scopes of care.”


    Shayan Dinparast Tohidi – Future Nurse  (Scholarship Winner 2019)

     “Thank you for all the support you have extended to me during my time here with the Royal family. From the time I started the job you have all been nothing but helpful and supportive and It means more to me than you’ll ever know. Working at Royal has been very enjoyable and I have learned and grown a lot. Your encouragement and support have made all of the difference. Thank you for teaching me discipline, professionalism, and pride.”


    Luis Arichega-De Dios, Lead FTO – Future Fire/Medic  (Scholarship Winner 2018)

    “My goals and aspirations align with the mission of Royal of putting the patient first above anything else.  Royal Ambulance has given me the skills in communication, leadership, determination, and adaptability that will help me treat my future patients comprehensively.  I hope to give back to Royal Ambulance through mentorship and networking.”


    Natalie Chin-Current Physician Assistant student at Midwestern University, Glendale, AZ  (Scholarship Winner 2017)

    “Royal’s high standards pushed me to understand that all patients deserve our time and effort, despite their condition or background. While I learned the skills of patience at college, my time at Royal has led me to become a more empathetic healthcare worker and a better person. I will always carry Royal work ethics and its lessons with me.”



    Ivan Hernandez -Future Fire/Medic (Scholarship Winner 2019)

    “I believe education is the key to success, and I try to connect my passion for education with my desire of helping others. I am grateful for the opportunities Royal has provided me.”

  • Professional & Leadership Development

    Investing in your professional and personal growth is our priority! In fact, it drives our Mission!

    We are committed to helping you develop into the Healthcare Leader you want to become.

    Whether that growth is inside of Royal, or you are ready to take the next step and pursue your path outside of Royal, we are here to help.


    Opportunities Include:

    • Individual and Personalized Coaching
    • LEAN Training & Process Improvement
    • Disney Institute Training Program-Approach to Leadership Excellence
    • From EMT-To CCT EMT-Critical Care Transport Certification Program
    • Royal Sponsored EMS Conference Opportunities
    • Professional Growth- Self Driven Paths
    • Access to Royal’s Alumni Network
    Professional & Leadership Development

    Through our Partnership with Dignity Global Health Education we are able to extend a multitude of educational opportunities through leading Universities and Programs to our Team at a discounted price. All Royal Team Members are eligible and have access to this educational opportunity!

  • Employee Assistance Program

    Life Happens!! While we can’t always control what comes our way, we can control how we react to it. Royal’s Employee Assistance Program, provides tons of resources to help you and your family deal with challenges and overcome obstacles. Services Include:

    • Private Counselling Sessions (virtual, phone, in-person)
    • Secure & Confidential Employee Portal
    • Dealing With Stress & Depression
    • Marriage & Family Counseling
    • Financial Services
    • Childcare Services
    • Legal Services
    • Personal Resilience Tools
    • Referral Resources
  • Traditional Benefits

    There are many ways to measure the success of a business. For us at Royal, one of these ways is by the positive impact we are able to make in the lives of our team members.

    Through our generous package of employee benefits, we are able to provide the support and resources our people need, to be happy, stay healthy and reach their goals.

    Health Insurance

    Staying Healthy and taking care of yourself is one of the most important things you can do. At Royal, we provide some of the most comprehensive options in Healthcare, and best of all, we even cover a portion of your monthly premiums, to help alleviate the burden of today’s increasing healthcare costs. 

    • Kaiser Medical HMO Plan Options
    • Sutter Health Medical HMO Plan Options
    • Principal Dental PPO Options
    • Cal-Dental HMO Dental
    • Voluntary PPO Vision Option
    401K & Financial Resources

    While we are all still young, it’s hard to envision what our retirement will actually look and feel like. That doesn’t mean, you shouldn’t start thinking about it and planning for it. With regular contributions, it can be a powerful retirement savings tool for many. You can even take loans out, with the savings you have built up, to help you when you need it. 

    401K allows you to contribute a portion of your pre-tax dollars from your paycheck. Royal will then match a portion of these contributions, so your nest egg will grow even faster! 

    Not sure if this is the right investment plan for you? Want to save money, and be more fiscally responsible? Royal can put you in touch with our Financial Advisor to help you understand and weigh out your options. 

    Flexible Scheduling

    Whether full time or part time, our goal is to find a work schedule that is win/win! Our dedicated Scheduler works with you directly, to ensure we take the time to understand your needs, and your priorities outside of work. Together we will find a schedule that you can commit to, and fits around your busy life.

    Paid Vacation Time

    Need to take some time off? Of course you do! We all do, and we all should! At Royal we firmly believe in having a work/life balance that allows you to thrive. We offer 2 weeks of paid vacation time, so you can unwind, and recharge!



Award Winning Culture
Employee Referral Program
Alumni Network
Scholarship Program
Professional & Leadership Development
Employee Assistance Program
Traditional Benefits

We love working here, but don’t just take our word for it!

Royal Achievers.


Aimee Alejandre

Physician Assistant Student at Rutgers University
Royal EMT & FTO (2014-2018)

“My work with Royal has been the monumental driving force towards a career in healthcare and ultimately as a physician assistant. Emergency work not only introduced me to the fast paced, enthralling environment of emergency medicine and pre-hospital care, but taught me pertinent characteristics that cannot simply be taught in a classroom; empathy, compassion, reassuring ways to speak to and calm patients are some of these crucial tools imparted unto me throughout my time with Royal, and it is these that will carry me through into a successful future as a healthcare provider.”

Connect on Linkedin

Daniel Villagran-Gonzalez

Physician Assistant – Neurosurgery at Sutter Gould Medical Foundation
Royal EMT (2014-2017)

“Royal was an amazing part of my journey. Always grateful to all of you for giving me my start! I’m always willing to provide guidance or mentorship to any new Royal EMTs eyeing the PA career route, especially in a surgical subspecialty, sometime down the road!”

Connect on Linkedin

Jessica Clary

Physician Assistant Certified Fellow at UCSF Medical Center
Royal EMT & FTO (2016-2018)

“Once I began working at Royal I was exposed to nursing and healthcare on a whole new level. Going in and out of ER’s, I saw a future in emergency medicine that I still strive for today. Working at Royal has given me the opportunity to work parallel to my future career and has allowed me to assess if it is a good fit for me. I know now that it is!”

Connect on Linkedin

Luis Gutierrez

Medical Student — MD/MPH at the University of Miami
Royal EMT (2016-2018)

“Royal has taught me a lot of valuable skills that have placed me ahead of the curve in medical school from compassion, communication and leadership skills, to clinical skills that will help me be a great physician. Royal did not feel like a company, but rather a family away from home. Everyday it was fun waking up to go to work and make a difference out in the field.”


Alex Williams

Founder & CEO at Holistic Hyperbarics
Royal EMT & FTO (2010-2018)

“My time at Royal has been the foundation that I have built my professional career on. From the way I speak to my patients, to the way I approach every situation with a gleefully inquisitive mind, to the characteristics I look for when I hire my employees, my time at Royal has been my compass. I never worked at Royal to get rich, but everything I carried with me when I left has paid in dividends over and over. I am so grateful and miss it everyday.”
Connect on LinkedIn

Alex Friedman

Physician Assistant at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital
Royal EMT & FTO (2010-2011)

“There has been no better job to prepare me for PA school than working at Royal. Most importantly it allowed me to interact with patients, which obviously is a mainstay of being in the healthcare field. Royal also helped me develop my communication skills with co-workers and healthcare staff at all levels. Lastly, Royal helped give me a glimpse at what working in the healthcare world was like and it only made me want to work harder to become a PA, which honestly is what it takes to get into school—hard work and dedication.”

Connect on LinkedIn

Tanya Simbra

Registered Nurse – Emergency at Sharp Healthcare
Royal EMT (2015-2016)

“With my EMT experience and foundation that Royal provided me with, I am very confident working with patients and learning nursing skills.”
Connect on LinkedIn

Derek Marrero

Firefighter at San Mateo Consolidated Fire Dept.
EMT & FTO (2013-2015)

“My time at Royal was very rewarding, and I found a second family through my relationships with everyone there, from the Leadership Team to my fellow partners. I enjoyed being able to play an active role with a very successful team dedicated to quality customer service that Royal has become known for. Royal gave me a home with a solid foundation in EMS and that is something I will never forget.”

Connect on LinkedIn

Angelo Manalo

Firefighter at San Francisco Fire Department
Royal EMT & FTO (2009-2011)

“Being a Royal Field Training Officer really humbled me and helped me realize that my ultimate goal for my career is to teach others the lessons I’ve learned. Being a Royal FTO sparked a passion in me to pass on knowledge. It helped me realize the value of learning through teaching in our chosen profession. I felt there was something sacred in “paying it forward” to new EMTs and people who shared common values and life goals. I found something greater than myself in helping others succeed. And since I’ve left Royal and found myself becoming the student rather than the teacher, I’ve discovered how this cycle of learning and teaching is more valuable than I could’ve imagined. Thank you Royal for trusting me and giving me this opportunity.”

Connect on LinkedIn

Aarentino Smith

Family Nurse Practitioner
Royal EMT (2012-2018)

“My time at Royal secured the foundation for establishing my career as a Family Nurse Practitioner. The management and staff relationships I forged throughout my 5 year career earned me the support and flexibility I needed to work full time while attending school. The experience I gained here performing a wide array of duties, helped refine both my career goals and the type of medical provider I wanted to be for my own patients. I’ll always remember those long nights and early mornings with my Black and Purple Dream Team!”

Sukai Curtis-Contreras

Paramedic at San Francisco Fire Department, Future Rescue Captain
Royal EMT & FTO (2012-2015)

“The time I spent at Royal not only laid the foundation for my EMS career but also taught me so much about how to navigate it. I learned simple things like how to manipulate a gurney and properly move a patient and also more difficult things like how to handle hospital staff, how to deal with a “paragod” partner and which medication are used for which specific problems. I wouldn’t trade my experience for anything and I’m grateful it started at Royal. “


Meet our People:

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Judith Gomes

Human Resources-Wellness, EMT

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Rachel Bever

Lead FTO – New Hire Academy Instructor


Kathryn Farinacci-Magee


“My ultimate goal really would be to change this aspect in health care in the long run- for the patients of color/under privileged patients to get better health care, to be able to afford to get care, for them to be living happy healthy lives. I know Royal will help me reach my goals.”


Chazz Griffiths



Ana David

Human Resources Manager

Helpful Resources.


Study Guide

Resilience - 7 Skills You Need To Walk Through Life With Strength

90 Day Strength Program for EMTs

Lifting Guide

Guide to Goal Setting

Frequent Questions

We’ve got the answers.

Royal Ambulance was founded by our CEO, Steve Grau, in 2006. Since then, we’ve grown from 2 ambulances and 10 EMT’s, to over 80 ambulances and 500 team members.

We serve all of the Greater San Francisco Bay Area Region, with bases in Alameda, Contra Costa, Santa Clara, and Santa Cruz Counties! 

There are many options and routes you can take to obtain your EMT certification. In the SF Bay Area, we have a diverse array of programs from local Community Colleges, Adult Schools, as well as private programs (i.e. Project Heartbeat, DefibThis!). We have partnered with many schools to provide clinical hours and experience towards your EMT certification. You will need to be 18 years or older, have a High School Diploma or GED, Medical Insurance, Immunizations (requirements vary), and CPR to enroll in most programs. 

You can find detailed information in our EMT job posting, but you will need: CA EMT License, CA Ambulance Driver’s License, BLS-CPR (AHA), FEMA Course Completion, Current Immunizations, and badge licensure depending on counties (Santa Clara & Contra Costa). 

No, you do NOT need experience–we hire straight out of EMT School! At Royal, we are best known for our extensive and rigorous training process, giving you a solid foundation to grow your healthcare experience and provide the best patient care and service.

We are very flexible with scheduling and needs vary throughout the year. While we prioritize full-time candidates (3-4 shifts per week, 10 hour shifts, 40 hours a week), we also accept part-time candidates depending on operational needs.

We have an extensive four day New Hire Academy where we provide an in-depth instructional program focused on Customer Service, Operational Policies & Procedures, Lifting and Gurney Operations, Technology Training, and our emergency vehicle operator course (EVOC). Once you pass NHA, you will be paired with one of our experienced Field Training officers who will then guide you through an 80 hour (8 shift), training program to ensure your readiness for the field! We provide continuous skills training and education, as well as opportunities to move up within our company as an EMT, from becoming an FTO, joining Critical Care Transport, or becoming an Operations Supervisor/Manager! The opportunities are endless! 


No matter what position you interview for, you should always come prepared with knowledge about the role, the company’s history, and how your experience aligns with the role. At Royal, the interview process depends on the position, but it is always good practice to come prepared, dressed professionally, and present your experience as it relates to the position you are interviewing for. 



It’s up to you! If you live up to the core values of being Engaging, Adaptable, Driven, and Empathetic, the sky’s the limit! We have EMTs that are working towards: Fire, Paramedic, Medical School, PA School, and Nursing School, and are using their experience here as a stepping stone towards these goals.

We are committed to ensuring that you get the experience you need to grow as a healthcare professional and pay it forward, to your community and to the next generation of Royal EMTs. 

No! We hire for all types of roles including: RN, Operations, Communications Center, Sales & Marketing, Billing & Administration, and Human Resources!

Patient and Team Member safety are at the forefront of our operations. Along with obtaining a consistent and steady supply of PPE, we have extensive measures in place that includes: communication between crews and dispatch regarding a patient’s COVID Status, PPE utilization (N95 Mask, Surgical Masks) Face Shield, Goggles, Gowns, Shoe Covers, Gloves). Additionally, we enforce face coverings at all times, temperature & symptom screenings before shifts, and an extensive contact tracing process. We have also partnered with a local laboratory and have onsite testing kits in case of exposure in the field. Our EMT’s and RN’s also have access to the COVID-19 Vaccine as administered by the local health authorities. We are committed to providing the best and most thorough support and resources in order to combat the spread of COVID-19.

For full-time employees we offer a full spectrum of benefits including: Medical, Dental, & Vision Coverage, 401k with Matching, Generous PTO, Employee Assistance Programs, Call Bonuses & Bonus program, and many more! See our benefits section for more information.

We are so proud of the culture and organization we have built over the years. Our team members have grown to greater heights in our community, and credit Royal for that growth in their careers. We have an excellent, award-winning culture and work environment that fosters the growth and development of your own interests and aspirations. Besides that, we have a tight-knit, family environment, many social and team appreciation events, and an open-door policy with management to ensure that you are getting the support that you need while at Royal.