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The Accelerate Scholarship Awards

$10,000 Every Year

to four deserving team members.

Designed to remove financial barriers for full time team members pursuing a higher degree in healthcare.


We're on a mission to develop the next generation of healthcare leaders.


By creating financial support programs we've helped our EMT's enter paramedic programs, pursue nursing degrees, become PA's, doctors and more.

If you're an EMT looking to take the next step in your healthcare career, we're here to help.

$2,500 towards your:

Paramedic School
Medical School
Nursing School
Advanced EMS Certifications
Advanced EMT Training
Paramedic Programs

...and more!

“There aren’t many women in the fire field, and I hope to change that. I’ve followed the paths of a few and one day look forward to helping others looking to pursue the same career. The Accelerate Scholarship helped me pay my tuition and continue my education. I’m grateful for the program and its generosity.”

- Ashely Del Alto

Santa Clara County Fire Fighter, Former Royal EMT

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