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Royal Ambulance guiding aspiring healthcare professionals
Royal Ambulance Career Bridge Program

What is the Royal Ambulance Career Bridge Program℠?

The Royal Ambulance Career Bridge Program℠ is a first-of-its-kind team member development program that identifies individual career goals and actively works towards them during a candidate's time in the field at Royal.


Throughout the Career Development Program, Candidates open doors to facilitate successful transitions into careers at Fire Departments, in Clinical Healthcare settings, and in Healthcare Leadership. Each program track is designed to hone specific skills that will propel candidates forward in their careers, developing professional relationships to bridge barriers to entering the profession. 


You may be thinking, “Wait. You’re actively helping people leave your organization? Why?”


We’re embracing our role in the hyper-dynamic, super-complex healthcare continuum. For many, Royal Ambulance is a destination, for others, we’re a part of the journey


We get it, and for years we’ve supported it with letters of recommendation. Now we are taking it to the next level and clearing the path forward through the Career Development Program.


The Royal Ambulance Career Bridge Program℠ results in confident, qualified, clinicians ready to smoothly transition into the next chapters of their professional careers.


At Royal, we are all about developing the healthcare leaders of tomorrow. This is one of the ways we live our values. 

internal team members joining Royal Ambulance career bridge program

Internal Team Members Only

careers at Royal Ambulance

Become a Team Member!

How does it work?

BLS Training

  • Identify your Career Goals

  • Learn the Ropes of EMS

  • 1-on-1 Mentorship and Guidance

Specialty Training

  • Tailored Skills Training

  • Integration into Specialty Units and Teams

  • Customized Royal Experience 

Partner Integration

  • Advanced clinical training

  • Career transition support

  • Work onsite with partner organizations

  • Specialized shift assignments


  • Receive Graduation Certificate & Letter of Recommendation 

  • Leverage established relationships to assist with career ascension

  • Be prepared for long-term career success!

In collaboration with:

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What do people have to say about it?

"When I met the cohort I was very impressed. We did a tour of our clinical sites and I could tell they were well on their way to furthering their careers."

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Karen Lounsbury


"The Career Bridge Program helped me develop skills that accelerated my career and simultaneously built a supportive network of mentors and colleagues."

Jerel O. EMT

Health Track Cohort 1

PA Chan, took me under his wing and showed me how to build rapport with patients. He explained to me the reasoning behind ordering certain tests or medications for patients, and he even took the time to teach me how to read and interpret X-rays.

Spending time shadowing and learning from PA, Chan allowed me to feel more comfortable asking questions and building rapport with a healthcare provider. It was a valuable experience that helped me gain insight into the practical aspects of patient care and reinforced my passion for pursuing a career in healthcare.

Elbert G. EMT

Health Track Cohort 3

"During my time in the bridge program, I had the opportunity to spend a day in the operating room (OR) with Dr. Law and the MDs. It was an incredibly valuable experience, as it was directly relevant to my career goals as a future healthcare provider. The entire OR team, including Dr. Law and the MDs, were incredibly welcoming and took the time to explain ideas and methods to help me understand the situation and the cases at hand."

Tim W. EMT

Health Track Cohort 2

“It is essential to our mission that we partner with EMS providers in the region to support innovative, employee centric pathway programs like Royal’s Career Bridge Program.”

Berkley Fire Department Logo 1

David Sprague

Interim Berkeley Fire Chief

Royal’s Career Bridge Program personally helped me in getting advice from others who had already achieved the dream job that I wanted. It helped me connect with professionals and made me a better candidate and a better person.

Oscar A, B. EMT

Fire Track Cohort 1

Your Growth Tracks


  • 1-1 Mentorship & Coaching

  • Collaborative Cross-Agency Training

  • Experience Firehouse Culture


  • 1-1 Time Rounding with Clinicians

  • Rotations within multiple facilities & departments

  • Visibility across dynamic Health Systems


  • 1-1 Guidance and Support

  • Tailored Leadership Training

  • Clearly defined pathways to 90K in 2 years


Why should I apply? Royal Ambulance Career Bridge Program℠ Members recieve: One-on-one coaching, education, and guidance not only from Royal Ambulance leadership, but also from leadership and active team members from our partner organizations The program is an opportunity to enhance your professional experiences (and resume), so that you are more valuable and marketable to future employers. You will also establish yourself as part of an elite community of professionals who are willing to go the extra mile to stand out from the crowd. Through the program you will develop a network of connections to help you elevate in career and simultaneously gain boots on the ground visibility into collaborating organizations so that you see if it’s a fit for you.

What does the application process look like? All full-time Royal EMTs in good standing are eligible to apply Once you’ve submitted an application, there is a review period and contingent offer acceptance offer followed by an interview. Following a positive interview, candidates receive a formal acceptance letter and receive information about next steps.

I don’t work for Royal, yet, but want to be a part of the Royal Ambulance Career Bridge Program℠? The program is designed to support our full time team member’s career goals. The first step is to apply on our careers page. We know the key to achieving BIG professional goals is strategy, planning, and timing - if you’re still exploring what your long-term career path looks like- maybe we can help!

I’m a current Full-Time Team Member at Royal, how often are cohorts opened and how will I know when there’s an opportunity to get involved? The CBP Application portal will be opened 4 times a year in each season- Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter so that you can plan it to coordinate with your other goals and professional development programs (Clinical programs, University, etc.) The Talent Development Team will post notices on Workplace when cohorts open applications. If you want to stay in the loop with all things Royal Ambulance Career Bridge Program℠, join the workplace group!

How does this program create value for existing Royal Team Members? Royal actively creates opportunities to live our values by building programs to develop the next generation of healthcare leaders. The program is designed to support personal and professional development, but there are additional benefits we didn’t expect. We are able to attract more engaged and driven EMTs and as a result, you will be working alongside like-minded, driven, individuals. A win for you, Royal, our patients and our communities. By acting in the interest of our team members, through open communication, lots of listening, and the application of feedback to improve the program, we are building next generation trust within the organization, further fueling our best in class culture.

How did this program come to be? Royal Ambulance Career Bridge Program℠ is first of it’s kind program, developed in house. It was created as a direct response to team member feedback, combining a never-before-seen cultural stance towards team member support and a deep understanding of the local healthcare and public safety staffing ecosystem. Over the years, our team told us that EMS was sometimes their destination, and sometimes a part of their journey. Instead of designing programs to keep people where they are, our values better align with figuring out ways to elevate our team members. We know where candidates want to go, we just had to support them on their journey. In doing so, we realized that we could solve for one of Public Safety, Healthcare, and EMS’s biggest problems: Staffing. Direct response to team member feedback A deep understanding of the growth goals of team members An interest in solving Healthcare’s biggest challenge: Staffing Product of Alignment - Employees, company and Healthcare

I represent a healthcare Agency and I want to learn about opportunities to get involved - are you accepting new collaboration partners? We are proud to have grown the program from 1 to 4 existing collaboration partners (as of Spring of 2023) and are open to expansion. As a back to back Inspiring Workplaces Culture award winner and thought leader in EMS, we are serious about partnering with culturally-aligned people and organizations. If your organization is interested and ready to discuss, please email, subject line, “External Partnership Opportunity”

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