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EMS ride along with Royal Ambulance

Schedule an EMS Ride Along!

Would you like to go on an EMS ride-along with our crew? We'll show you what it's like to step into the shoes of an EMS professional.

We’re hiring and training the next generation of healthcare leaders. Come experience what it’s like to be a Royal Team member and join us on shift.


Did you know

of qualified ridealong participants were offered a job at Royal!

EMS ride along experience with Royal Ambulance

Our EMS Ride-Along Experience

EMS Ride along offer a full day of hands on EMS experience. Its important that you come prepared because there’s never a dull moment! 


You’ll start your day off at base where you’ll meet the team and tour the station. While you’re there, you’ll be fit tested for a N-95 mask that you’ll wear on shift. Your mask will be provided, and it is important that you are clean shaven if you normally have facial hair. 


Shifts last 10 hours, so coming prepared is important. Bring a lunch and snacks and be sure to wear your EMT School Uniform (or semi-professional attire if you are not an EMT student) and closed toe shoes.


Once you’re familiar with the station and have your mask, you’ll  join a shift with our team. You’ll sit in the back of the ambulance, a chance for real patient contact, and experience the Royal treatment that we provide our patients. 


*Completing a ride along will earn 10 credits for EMT school 

Professional CCT EMT of Royal Ambulance

Jacob Sarasohn


"The ride along is like a rite of passage for anyone who wants to be an EMT. You'll get to see what it's really like on the road, meet a few patients and get a taste of the team culture.


I was searching for the right ambulance company to call home, and my ride along with Royal was the answer. The team was top-notch, and I was blown away by their commitment to their patients and their profession."

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