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Good Samaritan Hospital and Royal Ambulance partner on NICU Program

NICU ambulance from Royal Ambulance crossing the bay bridge, ensuring timely neonatal care transport for Good Samaritan Hospital.

Good Samaritan Hospital and Royal Ambulance are pleased to announce the addition of a new Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU) Vehicle. The custom program features a state-of-the-art dedicated unit, stationed at Good Samaritan Hospital of San Jose Hospital and is a collaborative effort to better serve neonatal patients by building a responsive transportation process within Good Sam’s neonatal care department.

Royal Ambulance is well known for it’s collaborative approach to program creation and the launch of the NICU program at Good Samaritan is a testament to just that. With the NICU Ambulance on site, we have the opportunity to create a great service line as we grow.

“The Good Samaritan Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care program has served our families across the region with first-rate care and compassion for decades. To further build on this excellence, we now have a dedicated ambulance to reassure families and to ensure timely care when the need is greatest.” - Tomi Ryba, CEO

After fully understanding the scope of NICU Transportation needs in the department, it was apparent that a collaborative approach with a dedicated vehicle made the most sense for patients and the hospital.

Officials from Good Samaritan Hospital and Royal Ambulance at the ribbon-cutting ceremony, unveiling the new dedicated NICU vehicle.

“Having a strong partner like Royal to support a dedicated unit, our team knows that we can rely on high-quality care for our NICU patients.” - Carol Kassouf, VP of Childrens, Womens, and Robotics Services

While the vehicle and team create value for NICU patients and the hospital at large, the addition of a NICU service line is equally exciting for Royal Ambulance.

“The expansion of our Critical Care Transport services into neonatal care is a part of our growth trajectory and this partnership is an exciting first step. With dedicated units and shared resources, we are able to efficiently and effectively scale into higher and more specialized levels of care.” - Hasieb Lemar, COO Royal Ambulance.

Sleek NICU ambulance from Royal Ambulance, showcasing advanced design and state-of-the-art equipment for neonatal care transport.

Royal is poised to expand the NICU service line with additional dedicated units and vehicles in our fleet.

If your hospital’s NICU department is struggling with transportation, please contact our customer success team.


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