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Honoring our 2024 Stars of Life | Read their stories

Royal Ambulance personnel and vehicles at the Stars of Life & Leadership event, in front of the California State Capitol, highlighting excellence and leadership in emergency medical services.
Royal Ambulance Stars of Life & Leadership at the CA State Capitol

Each year the California Ambulance Association convenes in Sacramento to celebrate its most deserving team members. On the steps of the Golden State’s Capital EMT’s, Paramedics, CCT-RNs, and Communications team members are honored for their contributions to public safety across the state.

We’re extremely honored to highlight 10 team members for going above and beyond to provide elevated patient care and a safer community for us all. These are the stories of our team members in action. 

Introducing our 2024 Stars of Life


Nick Pepin and Joe Macasa were recognized for their contributions to on-scene care provided to a gunshot victim. 

Critical Care RN Joseph Macasa

In November of 2023, Nicholas and Joseph were on their way to pick up a patient when they were flashed down by a CHP Officer & Richmond Police Department. The team noticed the patient had lost considerable blood and demonstrated agonal gasps, seemingly caused by a gunshot wound. 

Nick applied pressure, transferred bleeding control, and began extrication attempts via the backboard.

Once the patient was extricated, Nicholas began manual ventilation via a bag-valve mask. After 15 minutes, The Richmond Fire Department arrived to assist with cardiac assessments and CPR.

EMT FTO Nicholas Pepin

Joe took vitals and managed the patient as they were transferred onto a gurney, maintaining patient care en route to a field landing zone for air evacuation. The team transferred the patient to their helicopter and transported him via flight.

Thank you Joe and Nick for your contributions and quick action. 


In July 2023, Marlon (MJ) and Paul assisted an RN at Seton Medical Center. Hearing a call for assistance from a patient room, they quickly realized the patient was experiencing cardiac arrest and started CPR. 

EMT Marlon (MJ) Payumo

MJ jumped in, performing compressions while Paul managed the scene spiking bags, and preparing the room for the incoming hospital emergency staff. After multiple rounds of compressions, the team achieved ROSC (Return of Spontaneous Circulation) on the patient and the hospital team was able to take over patient management. 

Thank you MJ and Paul for taking quick and decisive action, and your willingness to lend a hand. Your actions were instrumental in the successful resuscitation of this patient. 


On January 15th Jared and Connor were working a PM ALS shift and were dispatched to back-to-back ECMO calls. Jared demonstrated unparalleled professionalism and a level of expertise that is truly commendable.

Paramedic Jared Cook

His ability to remain calm under pressure and make critical decisions played a pivotal role in saving a life and obtaining ROSC while on scene with a pt. 

As the patient’s condition deteriorated, Connor began CPR, providing life-saving rescue breaths. The partners’ quick thinking enabled a successful transfer to definitive care. 

EMT Connor Rothwell

Connor & Jared, thank you for your commitment to the well-being of your patients. Your actions were nothing short of heroic and our team is grateful for the selflessness and compassion you displayed. Your continued dedication to EMS has set an inspiring example for your colleagues and serves as a reminder of the importance of the work that you do every day.


March 2023, Jenna Dutton was filling in for the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) unit when they were alerted to a passenger in distress. They ran upstairs to the platform and found an unresponsive passenger. 

EMT Jenna Dutton

After a thorough assessment, they found the patient to be cyanotic and barely breathing with pinpoint pupils, they immediately administered NARCAN and the patient regained consciousness within seconds. 

The arriving ALS unit was staffed by Royal alumni, who noted the life-saving response and treatment executed by the partners.  

Thank you, Jenna, we are grateful for your quick thinking and deductive reasoning, our community is a better place with you on duty. 


EMT Griffin and EMT Alexander escalated an unsafe situation following a discharge.

EMT Griffin Addicott

When the team arrived on site, they realized that the gas stove was leaking, presenting a potential hazard throughout the residence.

Thinking on their feet, they immediately notified the fire department to inspect, air out, and ultimately clear the residence as safe.

EMT Alexander Tornero

Thank you Griffin and Alexander for going the extra mile on what might have been an otherwise routine call.

Your actions likely saved the patient’s life and your willingness to act is greatly appreciated. 


Lana's commitment to excellence is evident in her ability to efficiently handle high-acuity transport requests with unwavering dedication.

Dispacher Svetlana Tauzhnyanskaya

Her ability to navigate challenging situations and ensure timely responses has not only enhanced the efficiency of our operations but has also contributed to the successful transport of some of the highest-acuity patients. 

Lana's skills extend beyond her dispatching duties, as she has cultivated strong relationships with our nurses and healthcare partners. 

In addition to her dispatching responsibilities, Lana plays a crucial role in the Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) process for our call-taking staff. Her proactive approach to providing constructive feedback and fostering an environment of continuous improvement demonstrates her dedication to the betterment of our entire team. 

Lana's passion for healthcare is palpable, evident not only in her professional endeavors but also in her pursuit of a graduate degree in public health. This commitment to furthering her education reflects her desire to contribute meaningfully to the healthcare field and aligns seamlessly with the values of Royal Ambulance. We are lucky to have her!


A HUGE thank you to all of our 2024 Stars of Life. We are extremely grateful for your efforts and contributions to making Northern California a safer and healthier place to be.


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