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Royal Ambulance Named Top 50 Most Inspiring Workplaces - North America

Shiny award trophy engraved with 'Top 50 Most Inspiring Workplaces - North America', symbolizing Royal Ambulance's achievement in workplace culture and inclusivity.

Last week, Royal Ambulance was named #26 Most Inspiring Workplace in Northern America. Royal Ambulance Inspiring Workplaces

Competing in the large business category, with thousands of employee-centric businesses across industries, Royal earned its place as a leader in workplace culture in the category of Inclusion. We are very honored to sit alongside past and present winners such as Twitter, Blue Shield California, Microsoft, Visa, and Adobe.

The team at Inspiring Workplaces focuses on highlighting culture, leadership, employee wellbeing, team communication, inclusivity, and empowerment. The application posed questions across each of these verticals to elevate stories in hopes of inspiring others to create a better workplace for all. We wanted to share a bit about how we do things here at Royal and offer a light to others looking for inspiration.

Royal Ambulance team members proudly receiving the 'Top 50 Most Inspiring Workplaces - North America' award on stage, amidst applause and celebration at the event.

People are at the center of everything we do at Royal Ambulance. From our patients to our team members, to our approach to customer success.

We take a very clear stance that our people are what make us special and by elevating them, our culture gains the means to thrive. We look for ways to set our team members up for success, support their development, and build processes and teams to engage them.

This people-first mentality is at the core of the dynamic living organism that our culture has become.

Our team of young, diverse, driven, empathetic individuals are the face and future of our organization and their success is what we use as a barometer to measure ours.

Royal’s mission has always been about developing the healthcare leaders of tomorrow, and in many cases, that meant supporting team members as they move on into exciting next steps of their careers and become Royal Alumni.

“We’ve written letters of recommendation, made personal introductions, and always do what we can to help. We want our team members and alumni to always find value in Royal whether they’re in the field or not.”
- Hasieb Lemar, Chief Operating Officer

But that “development of the next generation of healthcare leaders” is relevant to the growth that our team members are experiencing during their time at Roya as well! The proof is in the Org Chart, our organizational leadership has been developed from the front lines. The positive impact of internal promotions are well known and documented, but what we’re noticing is that when team members move up through the organization, the organization takes on a more accurate representation of the team. We’re talking about that magical word: DIVERSITY.

Organizational chart displaying the hierarchical structure of Royal Ambulance, showcasing various departments and leadership roles, highlighting the company's internal growth and development strategy.

This may be news to a few people, but EMS is the front door to many professions. The 911 system, fire departments, nursing, and healthcare at large, are all fed by EMS. We are the starting line, and engaging young minds from diverse backgrounds in our emergency services and healthcare professions is creating downstream talent pipelines.

Because we have leaders who look like our incoming team members, have been in their shoes, and know what they’re feeling; we are able to relate at a deeper level and create support systems that facilitate positive impact. Without this understanding and connection, we would be uninformed and our team’s needs would be underrepresented.

We recently launched a new program called the Jumpstart Scholarship which is designed to remove financial barriers for people interested in entering the field of healthcare. To create this program, we had discussions with our current team members, gained a deeper understanding of what it takes to enter the field as an EMT, and applied a creative solution to help people before they even spend a day at Royal.

Group of enthusiastic Jumpstart Scholarship candidates, eager to embark on their healthcare journey, representing the future talent of Royal Ambulance.

The saying goes: “You can’t truly understand someone until you walk a mile in their shoes” and fortunately for us, our team is known for wearing the tread off of their boots.

If you’re creating an inspiring workplace or a supportive and inclusive culture, our advice is this:

  1. When possible, hire and promote from within. Leaders who can relate and resonate with the team at every level of the organization is a dynamic win for any team.

  2. Create programs that solve problems for your team members using their input to craft a solution. Without the right team member's input, you are merely guessing at solutions.

  3. Give before you take! This sometimes means going the extra step to lend a helping hand and expecting nothing in return.

In summary: Put your people first. Act in their best interest, and they will return the favor.


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