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Finding Purpose with Trevor Hardee

Trevor Hardee, deeply focused, sitting, working on strategic solutions for Royal Ambulance, exemplifying dedication and innovation in EMS.

Trevor’s journey into EMS started just north of the Bay Area, in Napa Valley, California.

From a young age, his vision was clear: he was meant to help people, and he loved solving problems. This desire to make an impact landed him at the Napa Fire Department, where at the age of 16, worked his first shifts on the Valley Fire that devastated the region. Finding Purpose with Trevor Hardee

Realizing that he enjoyed the caregiving side of his work with the fire department and that team culture played an equally important part in his personal fulfillment, he pivoted towards a career in healthcare.

But leaving the Fire Department was only the beginning of Trevor’s trailblazing.

Finding a cultural fit at Royal, he joined the team as an EMT to continue making an impact in the community. Over the course of a few short months, the calls he ran, gave him the foundation to grow into a critical thinker within the industry.

Fast forward nearly 6 years and Trevor is now the Senior Director of Customer Success. A role, and department that did not exist in the organization when he joined the team.

Trevor’s field experience, paired with an openness to opportunity, gave him a launchpad for his career and provided a guiding light in an industry ripe for innovation.

I remember it so clearly, I received a call from Ana in HR. A few months prior, I had mentioned in my New Hire Academy that I loved problem-solving and that made a lasting impression. She told me that there was an open role as a Special Projects Coordinator and that I could work to solve complex problems for our hospital customers.

I said yes, showed up the next day to LEAN training with all of Royal’s senior leadership, and was immediately fascinated. I remember being struck by how a team can work together so collaboratively at that level.

Steve Grau, CEO of Royal Ambulance was on a mission to speak the same language as his hospital customers, and seeing that Hospitals were approaching decision-making processes through a LEAN framework, decided it was time to train up the team.

LEAN training was eye-opening and Trevor began to see opportunities for improvement across the organization. Working within a creative, but structured environment, he implemented process improvements like speed loaders, BLS overutilization programs at hospitals, and implemented rideshare services. The opportunity to think creatively, solve problems, and create a positive impact lit his fire.

Trevor Hardee confidently walking past a row of elevators, showcasing his active role and leadership presence at Royal Ambulance.

With Steve’s support and a LEAN foundation, he set out to become an expert in strategic account management, attending training sessions and conferences across the country to learn how this skill could be applied to healthcare transportation. This training was the birthplace of the Customer Success Team he leads today.

Trevor’s growth at Royal is unique because his path, through a strategic account management lens was new to the EMS industry, but stories like his at Royal are not. Royal’s mission of 'developing the healthcare leaders of tomorrow' is deeply rooted in the fabric of the day-to-day experience, as is evident in Trevor’s story.

As a leader today, Trevor now looks for opportunities to pass back the torch, feeding the culture of inclusivity that nurtured his growth.

Team member development energizes me, because it allows the people who want to shine, or who are going to shine, that opportunity.

He looks for team members who are passionate, adaptable, and open to learning.

Trevor Hardee with a genuine smile, radiating positivity and passion for his work at Royal Ambulance.

When Royal comes up in casual conversation, he says it’s almost an affirmation that he’s in the right place. The problems that the healthcare industry faces, especially around transportation, are major and oftentimes, unknown or worse, taken for granted.

Turning over these stones as a strategic partner to hospitals "feels like I've found a small treasure". It's a perfect fit for an individual who loves to solve problems and is motivated by positive impact.


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