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Royal Alumni Success Story Alex Williams wins award for her business Holistic Hyperbarics.

Alex Williams, celebrated Royal Ambulance alum, standing proudly in front of an ambulance, symbolizing her successful journey in the healthcare industry.

Huge congratulations to Alex Williams, one of Royal’s favorite alumni success stories! Alex was recently honored with the: “Young, Gifted & Black Entrepreneurial Award” for Black History Month.

The YOUNG, GIFTED, & BLACK™ (YGB) ENTREPRENEURIAL AWARD celebrates individuals who are positive role models, providing inspiration and motivation to their peers. This describes Alex perfectly!

We caught up with Alex to give her major props on her recent success, as she leads an alternative therapy movement as the CEO of Holistic Hyperbarics, a state of the art hyperbaric facility located in Oakland improving awareness and access to hyperbaric therapy.

Alex has been busy, recently completed a $20M funding round that will allow her to open two additional facilities in the East Bay and expand her services throughout the region.

Alex Williams, CEO of Holistic Hyperbarics, confidently posing in front of her state-of-the-art facility, exemplifying leadership and entrepreneurial success.

She credits her success to the community that’s supported her along the way, particularly (we are proud to say) her Royal Ambulance family.

Alex started as an EMT in 2009 and dedicated the next 8 years of her life, learning, growing and developing her leadership skills, while giving back to other young and aspiring EMTs as a Field Training Officer.

“It’s no secret, people come to Royal because of the training and development opportunities and stay for the people/culture..” says Alex. “..But what really did it for me was their promise to develop me as a leader.”

Alex was raised in a family business and operates her business like a family. Reflecting on her interactions with Steve and Eve Grau, husband and wife co-owners of Royal, the impacts of positive team culture and precedent that they set towards taking care of team members (and patients), still heavily resonates.

“My time at Royal has been the foundation that I have built my professional career on. From the way I speak to my patients, to the way I approach every situation with a gleefully inquisitive mind, to the characteristics I look for when I hire my employees, to the way I now run and operate my own company, my time at Royal has been my compass!”

Alex’s relationship with Royal has come full circle. Holistic Hyperbarics now schedules transports from Royal for their patients. Alex hires Royal EMTs as they take the next step along their journey in healthcare, and transition to new opportunities developing their skills, and she is a go-to alumni advisor providing ideas and thought leadership on engagement and culture initiatives, including this month’s Black History Month team member and alumni spotlights.

“Alex and I have developed a close bond over these years and are fully invested in one another’s success”, says Eve Grau Royal’s VP of Human Resources. “I call Alex for advice and she calls me for advice, as we both navigate the world of healthcare together with a focus on impactful leadership, patient experience and making a positive difference in our community.”


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